Bancroft ON
November 24, 25
Frozen Gravel, Ice
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Just imagine if you took a small car, gave it four-wheel-drive, turbocharged it to over 300 horsepower, and then drove it flat-out sideways down twisty treacherous forest roads – lined with trees, rocks and cheering fans. Kicking up dirt or snow, spitting flames. Sliding on the edge of control, and sometimes over it! This is rally racing at the Rally of the Tall Pines and it is taking the world by storm.

Based in Bancroft Ontario, 2 hours from Toronto, the Rally of the Tall Pines is a favourite event with competitors and fans alike. Taking place in late November, the rally always dishes out challenging conditions for the drivers.

Dirt, snow and ice routinely mix together on the roads to provide a supreme test of driving skill.

Thanks to the efforts of Maple Leaf Rally Club’s experienced and dedicated organizing team, this event is well-known as one of the best-run rallies in North America. It always runs like clockwork, with a thorough and professional approach to every aspect of the event. A strong field of over 50 teams from Canada and the USA are expected to compete in the rally this year.