Mailloux/Poirier Triumph in Challenging Conditions at Rocky Mountain Rally 2024 Photos by Shawn Bishop (

Mailloux/Poirier Triumph in Challenging Conditions at Rocky Mountain Rally 2024

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

The Rocky Mountain Rally, held last weekend near Invermere, British Columbia, proved to be a grueling test of skill, endurance, and strategy for the 21 participating teams. Nestled in the breathtaking yet challenging terrain of the Canadian Rockies, the rally featured a series of dramatic turns in the mountains, as teams fought for victory and valuable championship points. 


Day 1: A Battle of Endurance 

On the first day, Sam Albert and Krista Skucas, in their Ferrari-powered Subaru, began the rally at full speed, winning the initial stage. However, their run was abruptly cut short when they hit a large rock, breaking their oil pan and forcing them to retire. 

Just a few seconds behind were Jerome Mailloux and Philippe Poirier of TEST Racing, who showcased their experience by securing the top spot. Hot on their heels were teammates Marc-André Brisebois and Desmarais Trépanier, trailing by a mere two minutes. The 2023 2WD Champions, Chris Greenhouse and Ryan Scott, delivered an impressive performance, holding third place overall despite stiff competition at the end of Day 1. 

The stages on the first day took a toll on several top contenders. Jean-Sébastien Besner and his co-driver Éric Dubé faced an early exit due to a coolant leak. The Deen duo’s day ended abruptly after they slid into a ditch on a slippery corner. 


Day 2: Strategic Play and Final Push 

As the rally entered its final day with only four stages left, the focus shifted to strategy and endurance. Jerome Mailloux and Philippe Poirier concentrated on managing their lead, ensuring a smooth and consistent performance. Their approach paid off, allowing them to finish the event with a commanding lead of over three minutes, securing their victory. 

“The roads were rougher than expected after the recces. We started the rally at a safe pace, and our rivals began having issues one by one. So we maintained that pace and didn’t encounter any major problems.” 

 Jerome Mailloux (#252 Subaru TR-GRD) 


MarcAndré Brisebois and Desmarais Trépanier maintained their second place, making it a 12 finish for Team TEST Racing. Meanwhile, Bailey and Peterson mounted a fierce charge in the last two stages, winning both and clinching the third spot on the podium by a narrow margin of just 1.5 seconds over Ken Wawryk and Chris Kremer. 


Marc-André Brisebois & Marie-France Desmarais Trépanier take the lead of the championship

“Well, what a weekend at the RMR where the conditions were very challenging. We started the first stage with a lot of dust and then had two punctures in the first loop. Despite all the mishaps, we managed to stay out of the big troubles and quickly climbed to second place in the rally! We kept a fast and consistent pace throughout the weekend, giving us a comfortable gap over third at the end of the event. This second place here give us the lead in the championship!” 

  Marc-André Brisebois (#83 Subaru Impreza) 


Here is the CRC standings after Rocky Mountain Rally 2024. Visit the standing page for more details


Chris Greenhouse and Ryan Scott celebrated a solid victory in the 2WD class, demonstrating their prowess by holding third place overall at the end of Day 1. Wim Van Der Poel and Bryan Lord secured second place in their RWD Subaru WRX. Despite a tough break for Nick Wood and Jennifer Daly, whose Datsun broke on the very first stage, they remain determined to return stronger for the Pacific Forest Rally.   

“We came here looking to compete with Nick Wood, but he went out on EC1 due to a suspension problem. This allowed us to build a solid lead on Saturday. However, on Sunday, we suffered a damaged oil line and nearly didn’t finish. We were very lucky to cross the finish line and fortunate that Saturday went so well for us. Many teams sustained significant damage on Saturday.” 

  Chris Greenhouse (#2 Dodge Neon SRT4) 


Production Class Highlights 

Trevor Pougnet and Ryan Rouleau in the #321 production class Subaru STi took the class victory. 

 “To be honest, we had a super smooth rally. We maintained a clean drive, ensuring no issues with our car. I made some adjustments to my notes for this event, and the rhythm clicked perfectly from the first stage. We kept a consistent and strong pace, with all our second passes on the stages being within 10 seconds of each other.” 

  Trevor Pougnet (#321 production class Subaru STi) 


Women in Motorsport 

Rose Oakhill was not only the only female driver at this event but also part of an all-female team. She and her co-driver, Sarah Temporale, made it through their first stage rally and finished second in the production class! 

“This was the first stage rally for both myself as a driver and my co-driver, Sarah Temporale. Having co-driven at Rocky last year, I had some idea of what to expect, but with limited seat time leading up to the event, it was a dive into the deep end from stage 1. By the end of Dogleg, I felt comfortable behind the wheel, and the car was performing brilliantly. We avoided major incidents, despite some squirrely moments at Steamclock/Steamcounter. On Sunday, we focused on keeping it smooth on Hawk, achieving everything we hoped for this weekend and setting our sights on the Pacific Forest Rally next weekend.” 

 Rose Oakhill (#25 Subaru WRX STi) 


Additional Driver Quotes

“Major shoutout to Kyle Burns, the local fabricator from Invermere, who came to our rescue by welding our oil pan back together, allowing us to continue the race. Despite the tough conditions, we caught a glimpse of our car’s true potential on SS1 and SS9. The key now is to maintain that performance throughout an entire rally. Additionally, teaming up with the Deens was an absolute pleasure—they embodied full Canadian hospitality.” 

  Sam Albert (#457 Ferrari-powered Subaru STi) 


“The car performed flawlessly on Saturday, and the flowing sections of Dogleg North and South were an absolute blast! The CRC community created an amazing atmosphere all weekend. My co-driver was phenomenal, and thanks to the added confidence and speed, I got to experience my first few rally jumps this weekend. The regional competition was fantastic, featuring a tight battle with Wim and Bryan!” 

Aran Cook (#26 Toyota Corolla GTS) 


“The conditions were tough, but the RWD found its groove and delivered some thrilling times until we faced some mechanical issues. Fortunately, we managed to get the car back into service. Fun fact: locking pliers can hold a ball joint together at transit speed until you reach the service area!” 

Wim Van Der Poel (#10 Subaru WRX RWD) 


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