Rallye Charlevoix
Clermont QC
October 17, 19
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Rallye de Charlevoix

The 2019 Rallye de Charlevoix is a motorsport event taking place in La Malbaie, Québec from October 17 to 19. The event will count for the following championships.

  • Round 6 of the Canadian Rally Championship (CRC)
  • Round 9 of the Eastern Canadian Rally Championship (ECRC)
  • Round 14 of the North American Rally Cup (NARC)
  • Final round of the Rally Sport Quebec regional championship (RSQ)The event will be run under the CARS General Competition Rules (GCR) and the National Rally Regulations (NRR), for the Quebec Rally Championship, also the RSQ regulations. Scoring for the NARC and ECRC will be as per the scoring rules of those series.