Satvir Pabla
Satvir Singh Pabla Racing Team.
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Member of Following Organizations:

1. Canadian Association of RallySport (CARS).
2. Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC).
3. Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA).
4. Track Junkies (Castrol Raceway, Nisku, AB).
5. Alberta Transportation (Government of Alberta.
​6. U.S. Department of Transportation. (DOT).
​7. Transport Canada. (Government of Canada).

Racing History

1. Member of Motorsport Authority Track Junkies at Castrol Raceway at Nisku, AB, Canada. We have attended this track last year in June, 2014 and June, 2015. Please see the following link showing all the info on my Car and Upgrades.
Location: Nisku, Alberta
Organization: Track Junkies
Track: Castrol Raceway
Vehicle: 1993 Toyota Supra
Videos Youtube Link: , .

2. Attended, 3 TSD Rally’s in 2012 Dec and Jan, Feb 2013 which included Snow, Ice, Mud, Gravel and Pavement. The length of Each TSD rally were from 600Km to 800Km. They lasted from 6 hours to 12 hours with no driver change. Following are the results of 3 TSD rally’s where I finished 3, 6 and DNF. For last race my co-driver was experiencing a major headache hence we had to quit.
Location: Rocky-view, Alberta, Alberta (Rural Roads)
Organization: Calgary Sports Car Club (FIA approved)
Track: 10 hour TSD style rally in the month of January of 2013.
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Tacoma V6 4×4 6 Speed.

3. Drag Racing on Friday nights since 2009 at Calgary Race City until 2012 when Race City in Calgary closed.
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada.
Track: Race City Motorsports Park
Organization: Race City Motorsports
Vehicle: 1993 Toyota Supra TT

4. Kart racing since the age of 15. I have been attending local indoor kart racing since the age of 15. I have raced outdoor Karts at Allen Berg Karts in Calgary, AB. This location also closed in 2012.
Location: Calgary, AB and Strathmore, AB
Organization: Allen Berg
Track: Outdoor Kart Racing Track known as Varsity Speed Park
Vehicle: 250CC Kart, 150CC Kart, Electric Karts.

5. R/C TRUCKS/CARS: Have been driving these since 2009.
Location: Calgary, AB
Track: Anywhere.
Vehicles: Nitro Engines 4WD.

6. Simulation Video Games: All types and on all consoles. I have accumulated up to 10000 hours and still counting. New videos games are even more interesting and still learning. Thanks to FIA and many other associations for showing interest and supporting Simulation Video Games.

7. AMBS TRANSPORT: 39.5 Ton Commercial Tractor and Trailer in Canada and U.S.A during fall, winter and summer seasons.

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