Bienvenue à la Canadian Association of Rally Sport

Bienvenue à la La Canadian Association of Rally sport, dont l’acronyme est CARS, est l’autorité officielle en matière de rallye, comme le reconnaît ASN Canada FIA et la Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).


The Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) and the Canadian Rally Championship (CRC) rely on the efforts of dedicated volunteers who keep CARS and the CRC operating.

For questions please contact the following individuals.

Office Manager

  • Debbie Dyer – Office Manager and Licensing – 855 640-6444

Elected Board of Directors

  • John Hall – CARS President
  • Clarke Paynter – CARS Director – Atlantic Region Motor Sports
  • Simon Vincent – CARS Director – Rally Sport Québec
  • Darryl Malone – CARS Director – Rally Sport Ontario & CARS Vice President
  • Martin Burnley – CARS Director Rally Pacific Motorsports
  • Chris Kremer – CARS Director – Rally West and CARS Secretary Treasurer

Extended Board

  • Terry Epp – National Series Manager
  • Graham Bruce– Technical Director
  • Wim van der Poel – Competitor Representative
  • Ross Wood – National Organizer’s Representative

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