Bienvenue à la Canadian Association of Rally Sport

La Canadian Association of Rally sport, dont l'acronyme est CARS, est l'authorité officielle pour les rallye au Canada.

New CARS/CRC website


We’re getting ready to launch our new website, so some information about what to expect.

The new CARS website has been designed to serve three main purposes:

  1. Be the go-to place for Canadian rally fans and competitors (CRC Home Page)
  2. Host the business of CARS the Canadian Rally Sanctioning body (CARS home Page)
  3. Promote our Partners/Sponsors, Competitors and Events

The pages are responsive, allowing for viewing on any sized device and are search engine friendly and will be available in both languages.


CRC Home Page

The CRC Pages are dynamic and automated but require a few main inputs:

  1. Competitors must create an online profile
  2. Organizers build their events online
  3. Scoring is entered into the database online
  4. The results, standings and speed factors are calculated automatically and updated in a variety of places across the site

The CRC pages provide us the opportunity to keep all of the relevant rally information in front of our fans:

  1. The latest CRC news
  2. The current event updates
  3. Vehicle tracking information
  4. Result updates
  5. Information on the next event
  6. Picture and Video Galleries
  7. Social media updates
  8. Competitor profiles

New CRC logo for 2016




CARS Home Page

The CARS pages are designed to provide information to rally organizers, competitors and others involved in the business of a rally.

  1. The CARS home page gets right into the business of CARS News, Bulletins, Announcements and President updates
  2. All of the documents required by Competitors, Organizers, Stewards, Media and Clubs are available on the CARS pages
  3. The CARS page provides an easy link to all of our affiliated clubs websites

Refreshed CARS Logo that is displayed prominently across the website



Promotion & Advertising

The site is set up with a host of advertising and promotional opportunities. Our main partner Subaru Canada is displayed prominently on the website banner. Other supporters will take various advertising spots on the website